Black men in the U.S. have been described as being stuck in a “permanent recession,” with unemployment rates consistently higher than those of other demographic groups. But an advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., is working to tackle the problem head-on.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Black Chambers, a nonprofit association of various chambers of commerce, launched the Young Black Male Entrepreneur Institute, an endeavor meant to address the employment gap among black men and help inspire and support new leadership on the issue.

The institute, according to its description, will provide both experienced and novice millennial black male entrepreneurs with a 16-week program featuring “a curricula led by subject matter experts from the framework of our nation’s most competitive business institutions. The entrepreneurs will also receive business development counseling from a cadre of diverse business leaders with a culminating experience that allows cohort members to pitch to a selection of CEOs and investors from the region.”



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